Bringing the dancing crowd also to feel and see the music they are listening to..this is Piranattack. This project emerged from the pure love of creating detailed masks and entertaining the dancing people on a different level. His various kind of characters he creates a superior atmosphere with streamer canons, chainsaws, pyro and smoke effects or with lasers and flame throwers.

This act and his breath taking performances are known across European boarders and led him already act on festivals like Thunderdome, Hard Island Croatia or the Street Parade.

With Piranattack every event becomes an incomparable journey


Streetparade (CH) (Swiss Hardstyle Mafia Lovemobile)
Love sea Festival (DE)
Hard Island 2019 (HRV) (Show at Rocks Beach Club)
Hard Jungle (CH)
Lucifer & Ray 40s B-Day of Ray Event (CH)
Kill all Humans (CH)
The Determination (CH)
Atlantis Attack of the Bass (CH)
Nexxus – Breaking Barriers (DE)
B-day Party Hard :-)(CH)
Together | Swiss Hardstyle Charity Event Silvester Rave 2018 (CH)
Codehard presents: 25Years of Rob GEE | Zardonic Become Album Tour, 10years of Junkie Kut, 10years of Piranattack (CH)
TerrorClown vs Hatred – Losing Control (DE)
Hell Festival (DE)
Hard Island Special Show with Dr. Peacock at BKJN Stage (HRV)
Hardcore will never Die · The Parade Edition (CH)
Hard City 3 (CH)
Resistance – The Squad (CH)
Hardsoundz presents Angerfist and Dr Peacock (CH)
WhiteCore Secret Party (F)
Goliath The Steel gear (CH)
Code Hard with Rob Gee (CH)
Megarave Swiss Edition (CH)
Thunderdome Swiss Edition (CH)
Shadowland Rave Swiss Edition (CH)
Hardcore will never die (CH)
Sonic (CH)
Hard Impact (CH)
Streetparade Lovemobile (CH)
Noize Supressor Legacy of Noize (CH)
Korsakoff Night (CH)
Nox Club Hardstyle Attack (DE)
Angerfist World Tour (CH)
The Ultimate Washingmachine (CH)
Woodcore (CH)
Halloween Circus (CH)
Global Vision Halloween Party (CH)
Hardcore meet’s Frenchcore (CH)
Hard Dreamz (CH)
Buure Chriäg (CH)
BKJN vs. Partyraisser (CH)
Picant Halloween Edition (CH)
Motion (CH)
World of Hardcore (CH)


Shadowland Rave Swiss Edition (CH) 2015
Hard Inpact – Hardcore Edition (CH) 2017 (Neu: Code Hard)
Megarave Swiss Edition (CH) 2017
Hell Festival (DE) 2018
Nexxus (DE) 2019 (Massive Dynamic)
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Booking Agency: Massive-Dynamic Agency
Booking Manager: Sina Cording


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