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23. Januar 2019
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We are proud to announce that we have become resident on the well known devision Toxic Sickness

▶️ In a monthly radio show we gonna provide you massive mixes of #rawstyle #hardcore #uptempo #frenchcore #industrialhardcore

▶️ Witness our premier on February 28th. Massive Dynamic Special on Toxic Sickness

▶️Kickoff will be made by Boneyard [Hardcore] & Sick Impact [Uptempo]

#puremassive #puremusic #radioshow #toxicsickness #moremusic #letsrock

Our team is ready General Guyble | Mr. Bassmeister | Charter | Deimos | D-Phased | Ms. Leadin’ | Hypix | Re-Fuzz | Hardfunction | Boneyard

Events Nexxus

Nexxus – Breaking Barriers

23. Januar 2019
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Der Countdown läuft, nur noch 38 Tage bis zur Nexxus – Breaking Barriers.
Zusammen mit euch bringen wir das Edelfettwerk (Hamburg, GER) zum Beben, macht euch bereit einen unvergesslichen Abend mit vielen Top Acts aus den Bereichen Rawstyle / Hardcore / Uptempo / Industrial / Terror.
Sichert euch jetzt euer Ticket:
Das Event ist wie immer ab 18 Jahren, bitte nehmt euren Personalausweis mit da dieser beim Einlass Kontrolliert wird.
Unsere AGB findet ihr HIER unsere FAQ Hier.

Line Up

Area One: Rawstyle / Hardcore / Uptempo
Ms. Leadin’
MC Tools

Area Two: Industrial / Uptempo / Terror


Unser Partner bietet für alle aus dem Norden Deutschlands eine Busreise zur Nexxus – Breaking Barriers an, so kommt ihr Stressfrei zum Edelfettwerk und wieder zurück nach Hause.

Alle Infos findet ihr HIER.

New Artist News

New Artist!

22. Januar 2019

The word is out…

We are more than proud to announce, that from now on
Hardfunction strengthens the forces of Massive-Dynamic.

This act is known for his fresh and diverse rawstyle sounds and an intense performance on stage.
His first release “Living Raw 2.0” has already left remarkable footprints, and we are more than excited to see what is coming next.
While we as Massive-Dynamic keep pursuing our goal, to form you a team of only highly dedicated harddance Artists of the upcoming generation.
On March 2nd you got the chance to witness the very first performance of Hardfunction in Hamburg live on stage Nexxus – Breaking Barriers (official)
See you there
Massive-Dynamic News Release

Massive-Dynamic Yearmix 2018 | Mixed by Deimos

31. Dezember 2018
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This is it…our offical MD Yearmix 2018 – by Deimos

1. D-Phased – Sometimes
2. Charter – Everybody
3. Deimos & Calybr – Mephala
4. Typhoon Ft. MC Tools – Destroy The System (Nexxus 2018 Anthem)
5. General Guyble & M.A.D – White Flag (Point Blank Remix)
6. Typhoon & Ms. Leadin” – Devastate
7. Invictuz – My Mind
8. Deimos & Beatfreak – Masters Of The Game
9. Typhoon & Jason Payne Ft. Mc Tools – Point Of No Return (Raw District 2018 Anthem)
10. Invictuz – We Are Invictuz
11. General Guyble & Xperior – All You Do
12. Invictuz – Seizure
13. Hardfunction – Living Raw 2.0
14. General Guyble & M.A.D – White Flag
15. Hypix – Masterpiece
16. Boneyard – 40 Caliber
17. Hypix – The Beast

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We’re Online!

29. November 2018
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YES! Our brandnew website is finally online.
Within the next days we’ll add some final Features and complete our release-catalogue.
If you find any kind of Problem please send us a mail to