Joon Stemmermann known as Rough Frame is a gifted video producer from Germany. His videos are characterized by catching an event´s atmosphere created by the Artists and the dancing crowd. His sense of catching the right moment is unique and this has already led to bookings together with War Force, Regain, Jack of Sound and many many more. While also creating recaps at Loudness for Spoontech´s The Purge he got also engaged to create music videos. In 2018 he finally made his way to Tomorrowland to create a movie for the EDM Producer “Frabbeatz”.
This guy and his camera are always on point…


  • Hard Mission Afterparade Schweiz (10.08.19)
  • Ruhr in Love
  • Funparc Trittau
  • Oldenbora (Hyperlapse)
  • Harder Force Open Air
  • Hard Mission Mayhard
  • Nexxus Breaking Barriers
  • The Raw District
  • Tomorrowland
  • Loudness
  • Hardmission
  • Uptempo Madness
  • Hard 4 MS


HarderForce OA 2019 | Aftermovie

MayHard 2019 Official Aftermovie | Hardmission


Booking Agency: Massive-Dynamic Agency
Booking Manager: Sina Cording


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