Mr. Bassmeister is a German Frenchcore DJ and Producer. Right from the start he made people talk about him within the scene. His debut single “Sex Beast” was released on October 18th 2017. It reached the top 40 position on Hardtunes. Frenchcore Legends like Radium and DJ Mutante started playing this songs on every party. Also Death By Design picked them up and played Mr. Bassmeister’s songs on many partys as well as the famous “Masters Of Hardcore Podcast”. DJ Smurf even called “Sex Beast” the best Frenchcore song of 2017.
On 7th of January 2018 Mr. Bassmeister played his first DJ set in Moscow, Russia. Right from the start he started as an international DJ. So far he released his music on BKJN Music, Industrial Strength Records, GEE thAng Music  and Quebecore Records. He has done two tracks with the Hardcore Legend Rob GEE and had his highest chart position at #9 on Hardtunes.
His free track “Bird Is The Word” reached more than 25.000 plays in the first 6 months.
In his first year he played 12 Gigs in Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. Including the 10 Year Anniversary of “Army Of Hardcore” in Oberhausen.
Mr. Bassmeister has a very unique and original style. He combines many different genres to create his own Frenchcore sound. He makes a big effort to create original melodies instead of sampling famous hit records and his vision is to make catchy and pleasant music with a good vibe instead of trying to sound hard.


Booking Agency: Massive-Dynamic Agency
Booking Manager: Sina Cording


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