D-Phased is a 22 year old DJ and producer from France, hungry for music.
Ryan has been producing and mixing since he was 14 years old.
At the time he was trying to make some music-making programs but it didn’t take
him long to realize that music was his passion.
It all began when he discovered Hardstyle.
From that moment onwards, he decided to become X-CAPITAIN, a first stage name, to constantly
improve his music production skills with time and perseverance.
After several years of mixing in clubs and parties in France like the North Kick
Festival and hundreds of hours in the studio, he finally found his own
He completed his music production skills at the Digitraxx Studio in
Bordeaux, and he participated in the Scantraxx Masterclass in october
He now dedicates his life to music production, mixing and his
engineering studies.
It’s a true passion to spread and share enjoyment and a sense of euphoria.
He is now ready to open a new chapter and is determined to rock stages
and make crowds move all around the world, with powerful and energetic
melodies including a rawness touch.
World, are you ready for D-Phased !


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