Rawstyle Artist Deimos

When it comes to melodic rawstyle beats, Deimos is to be named first… pure dedication on stage and in his tracks. Our hottest export from the UK

Rawstyle Artist General Guyble

Our Mastermind of excessive Hardcore beats. His tracks are supported by major names of the Hardcore scene. His tracks are superior dance floor killers

Rawstyle Artist Invictuz

They mark the new face of the upcoming rawstyle generation. Fully integrated with the crowd combined with ultra hard kicks, this generation is ready to take over

The Man on Stage MC Tools

A ginger MC who is really on fire. Animating, encouraging and interacting with the crowd are the keys to an intense connection with the crowd.

Frenchcore Artist Mr. Bassmeister

Is this guy already dead? Not at all !! This old granny is turning the frenchcore scene upside down. In Russia, Netherlands, Germany…everywhere he performs

Rawstyle Artist Ms. Leadin

Attention: Don’t be misled by her prettiness!!! This young lady is surprisingly tough with beats, kicks and melodies to enchant the crowd once and forever

Uptempo Artist Re-Fuzz

Oh hell yes..this is rough uptempo power at its highest quality! A real mastermind ultra hard beats and sick melodies

Video Productions and Postproductions

Creation of high memorable after movies or recaps.


Pure Rawstyle from Italy

Italy is known for his Hardcore and pure hard Rawstyle Artists

Get to know to Typhoon